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What a speaker does

Speakers are the sound-emitting part of your in-car entertainment system. They come in a variety of specifications, from a simple two-speaker combination to a multi-speaker system that can take full advantage of surround sound and other advanced features of today's head units and amplifiers.

Types of speaker

As you can see from our extensive online catalogue, speakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and combinations. The two main things you should consider when purchasing speakers are range and installation-type.


If you have a simple two-speaker combination, these are going to be mid-range speakers, capable of producing most sound levels from low bass beats through to high vocals and instrumental noises. However, in order to hear all of these sounds at their best quality and properly balanced, as well as obtaining superior performance at the high and low extremities on your recordings, you should consider a multi-speaker system with specialised speakers for each range of sound frequencies. Each range-type is described briefly in our A-Z guide, but for your convenience, they are roughly as follows:

  • Tweeter - produces the high notes
  • Mid-range - produces and concentrates on the middle frequency sounds
  • Woofer - produces lower frequency sounds, or 'bass' notes
  • Sub-woofer - provides additional performance down to even lower frequencies


You might be willing to spend the cash and buy those top-of-the-range speakers as part of a plan to fully kit-out your car with a super-duper in-car entertainment system, in which case you will probably be looking at carrying out a certain amount of modification to your vehicle's interior using custom-fit speakers.

However, should you wish simply to swap your existing speakers with a better quality product, you'll probably appreciate standard-fit speakers, which are designed to swap directly with the speakers that come with your vehicle, utilising the same fitting holes and locations.

We have gathered together information from our range of suppliers to compile a guide to what speakers are suitable in which locations for a wide range of vehicles. If you're thinking about making a purchase, this is an essential reference.

What am I likely to have in my car at the moment?

While in recent years motor manufacturers have concentrated on the 'extras' supplied with their vehicles, a large number of them still supply moderate quality two-speaker systems. You may well find that upgrading your head unit will make a marginal difference to the sound quality you hear - sorting out your speakers could make a big difference.

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