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Welcome to Blue ICE Codes

Forgotten your security code, mistyped it one too many times or been locked out after a service or battery change? Never fear, Blue ICE is here with its decodes service. With online, workshop and courier-based services, a fast turn-around time and fixed rate charges, we can solve your problem fast. Book online now by selection from the options below:

Online Decodes

fixed rate service for selected models
fastest response, with no need to
remove and send away your unit

Workshop Decodes

additional services for a
wider range of models

Blue ICE will refuse to decode any item it knows or believes to be stolen


STOP!   Do you actually need a decode?

Our reference section includes product guides with useful information on various aspects of in-car entertainment equipment. Included in this is "Do I Need a Decode?", which sets out basic troubleshooting and code entry details, which could solve your problem for free! Click here to access the guide.

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